How to identify lapis lazuli

An ore that is easily confused with lapis lazuli in appearance.

The ores that are easily confused with lapis lazuli in appearance are sodalite, blue slate and azurite:

Sodalite, also known as soda stone, has a coarse crystal structure with uniform color, hardness of 5.5~6.0, density of 2.15~2.35, and refractive index of 1.48~1.487. The texture is not as uniform as lapis lazuli, with orange and pink fluorescence.

Blue stellite, with orange fluorescence, density 2.44~2.50, refractive index 1.490~1.504.

The hardness of the azurite is lower than that of lapis lazuli, which is 3.5~4.0, the refractive index is 1.73~1.83, the texture is brittle, and there is no large dense block.

The counterfeit goods and fraudulent process of lapis lazuli

At present, the counterfeit products of lapis lazuli on the market are mainly divided into other types of ore coloring and imitation:

1. Other counterfeit products with ore coloring are:

Colored jasper: also known as Swiss green gold, artificially colored with pseudo-materials such as chalcedony or jasper, the hardness is larger than lapis lazuli, 6.5~7.0, refractive index 1.54~155;

Colored spinel: also known as colored green gold, artificially colored with cobalt salt, hardness is large, is 8, refractive index 1.71 ~ 1.72;

Coloring jade jade: also known as twilight green gold, light blue, and can not see pyrite, has a strong grease luster, low hardness, 2.5~4.0, refractive index 1.56~1.57;

Dyed marble: The marble is large in output, low in price, easy to process, and often used by unscrupulous traders to forge various gems. Marble has a low hardness and a low density, and it is easy to scribe with a knife.

2, the artificial material imitation lapis lazuli is made of glass, with glass luster, and can not see pyrite, the fracture is shell-like, brittle.


Some merchants will dye the Indian lapis lazuli or the bad lapis lazuli to the shoddy. Dyeing lapis lazuli does not discolor when washed, and will fade when wiped with acetone or alcohol. Consumers need to be extra careful if they encounter dark blue, do not see any impurities, and are not expensive lapis lazuli.

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