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Dress is the most indispensable girl style. Dress no matter what the season is irreplaceable, because it is a girl's favorite style, Baccarat 2015 spring and summer new dress style, princess dress temperament is absolutely very attractive, pure color princess dress style With Barcola a leisure children's clothing brand, what style to wear in the spring and summer 2015? Fashionable can not be separated from the dazzling colors, and dazzling is not a lot of colors stitched together, but a pure color can be very eye-catching, Baccarat rose red chiffon dress style lace embellishment more sweet , There is a big bow on the head embellishment is very attractive Oh. The embodiment of the princess temperament, a beige vest skirt style chest flower embellishment is very attractive, and the beige color is a more wild color, very suitable for the fashion crowd, moms are preparing fashion clothes for the little girl At the same time also have to choose the brand, children's paradise children's clothing, fashion ocean.

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Embroidery is a general term for various decorative patterns embroidered on fabrics by needle and thread. Embroidery is divided into silk embroidery and feather embroidery. It is a kind of decorative fabric that uses a needle to puncture silk thread or other fibers and yarns with certain patterns and colors on the embroidered materials, and then forms the decorative pattern with the embroidery trace. It is the art of adding human design and production to any fabric that exists with needles and threads. Embroidery is one of the traditional Chinese folk crafts, which has a history of at least two or three thousand years in China. Chinese embroidery mainly includes Suzhou embroidery, Hunan embroidery, Shu embroidery and Guangdong embroidery. Embroidery techniques include: wrong needle embroidery, random needle embroidery, net embroidery, all over embroidery, lock silk, nasi, Najin, Pingjin, Yingjin, Panjin, fluting, scraping, poking, sprinkling, cross stitch, etc. the main uses of embroidery include life and art decoration, such as clothing, bedding, tablecloth, stage, art decoration.

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