Modeling "Ge" Life Psalm 2014 autumn and winter women's fashion

Plaid is the most classic and durable pattern, and its high application rate makes its use frequency high in autumn and winter. Plaid is also the brand DNA of the poetry. In autumn and winter 2014, PSALTER poem "Time Stamps" series of new equipment, with vertical and horizontal format, for you to open a modeling "grid" life.

造型“格”命 诗篇2014秋冬女装流行(图1)

There is no chic coat jacket. Your fall/winter wardrobe this year is incomplete. The relaxed profile reveals a casual attitude, cleverly matching the color and texture of the plaid, and instantly enhancing the sense of style.

造型“格”命 诗篇2014秋冬女装流行(图2)

This season's silhouette suits the prevailing wind, soft knit touch makes the body more slender, in the hard and soft energy and positive energy. The fine linear plaid and mini slim skirt create a classic college style, creating unique autumn and winter beauty with unique artistic gestures.

造型“格”命 诗篇2014秋冬女装流行(图3)

The British impression of Plaid in the world is like the lengthy chapter in the history of the British Empire. This far away from the English Strait from the other side of the exotic fashion, endless in the ever-changing trend, turned into PSALTER Psalms autumn and winter 2014 time stamp.

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