I wish Belle Yunnan Wenshan store opened a new store opened a lot of benefits


Warmly wish Hong Kong brand Belle very underwear Yunnan Wenshan shop grand opening! Belle Ting underwear brand has absolute product quality, rich product style, high-end terminal image, great price advantage, perfect after-sales service and many other advantages, I believe we will be able to quickly get the trust of the vast majority of local consumers, Belle Ting will also strive to do better, care of the general health of women. Belle new store opened underwear, a lot of concessions, a lot of gifts! Welcome new and old customers come to buy!

预祝百丽挺云南文山店开业大吉 新店开业优惠多多

Yunnan Wenshan shop

Where during the opening period can enjoy the following benefits:
1, during the opening in the shop to try on any brand bra no matter the purchase or not, free gift of a beautiful gift
2, buy 300 yuan during the event can become a member of the shop, the scene can enjoy 8.8 discount
3, scan the QR code and add as a friend, the audience can enjoy 10% off merchandise, members can discount at the same time with super-fold to enjoy the discount
4, to buy Belle is regular price goods, with any brand of old bra in the shop cash 50 yuan (not cash, not with 2,3 concessions superposition)

预祝百丽挺云南文山店开业大吉 新店开业优惠多多

Yunnan Wenshan shop

Belle very underwear Yunnan Wenshan shop convenient traffic, elegant environment, crowded, many businesses are optimistic about the lot. Belle is also targeting the underwear market, a strong presence. New store opened, beautiful ho gifts to send non-stop. A lot of concessions, surprise again and again. Colorful, very charming. A unified interior decoration, streamlining warmth, autumn and winter new high-end underwear upscale, eye-catching color aesthetic. Fashionable and unique, to meet the young women's pursuit of fashion.

Address: Wenshan Dongfeng Road Everbright Plaza on the 104th floor

Reflective Clothing

The utility model relates to a reflective safety suit which can reduce traffic accidents at night.Under the condition of no interference at night, the effective distance between reflective and luminous is 500 meters. The safety clothing is simple to manufacture, convenient to replace the film, low cost, easy to promote, is an ideal night safety protective clothing.

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