EMC Yimei Ladies Create Women's Favorite Personal Wardrobe

The core age range of EMC Yimiyi Women's Clothing is 25-35 years old. It is the main consumer group in the current market and is positioned as a woman who is independent, loves freedom, and is extremely sensitive to fashion. A mature woman who value brand quality and inner quality.

EMC Yimei Ladies Create Women's Favorite Personal Wardrobe

EMC Yimei Ladies Create Women's Favorite Personal Wardrobe

Brand Style

        "Elegant, intellectual, stylish, mix and match," the precise interpretation of the simple European style

        The EMC EQWEEN.MC brand advocates and pursues fashion life for modern working women.

        EMC EQWEEN.MC is based on the idea of ​​a "women's favorite private wardrobe."
        EMC EQWEEN.MC provides women with a rich product category, in-depth interpretation of the concept of "casual wear."
        The EMC EQWEEN.MC brand style abandons all unnecessary complications and colors.
        Rethinking and defining aesthetics.
        Focus on the texture of the fabric collision and the outline structure of the clothing,
        Play with the stitching of different fabrics.
        Pursuit of Haute Couture and high street pop out of an eclectic personal style,
        This creates an inner tension,
        Strive to create a perfect structure and overall shape.
        To interpret the unattainable luxury to no trace
        The deliberately exaggerated shape is cooled down to a low-profile edge.

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