What kind of clothes will fall in love with Japan and South Korea Department of the same age

Some clothes at a glance will fall in love, fluffy version. Hollow design, sweet art, å°½ å°½ Japan and South Korea Fan children. Xia Si women 's each piece, are highlighting the independence and self-confidence of urban women. Here is the introduction of these two pieces of elegant elegance, less attractive Joker is a lot of girls at first sight of style it. How to look good with all.

夏丝 - Sumsilk

Beige sleeveless shirt, loose fluffy version, small cute feeling, very Japanese style. Light texture, youthful van. Small white snow inlaid, delicate and beautiful. With a light blue shorts, a look that is a fashion dress with a knowing sister. There will be good sunscreen effect too.

什么样的衣服一眼就会爱上 日韩系减龄搭配

Eye-catching green for Egypt once again add a touch of vitality. Hollow lattice design, beautiful airy, is a lot of girls love the style. Inside the white soft and comfortable base texture. With a small white shorts, fresh feeling, literary lovable. Without any other color embellishment, we can wear a different kind of beauty.

Pictures from: Xia Si women

women jeans


women jeans

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