Street beat short skirt with a little exposed little sexy eye-catching dress

Short skirts are the most common summer single product, the right mix will make ordinary short skirts extraordinary charm. Playful skirt, the woman shaped cute and agile, it is lovable it. Street beat two miniskirt, which one do you prefer? Deep black charm, eye-catching years of beige, Xiaobian two like it.


Pleated version of the type, just the length of the outline of the leg curve exceptionally charming. Black skirt for a variety of occasions, whether it is drinking coffee, reception, or shopping, etc., are very suitable. With the ink blue long-sleeved shirt, light texture, wave point organza stitching, full of charm.

街拍短裙搭配篇 微露小性感惹眼装扮

Sapphire blue sleeveless shirt, white doll collar splicing, colorful crystal embellishment, set off a fine female taste. Lightweight fabric, sweat-absorbent breathable, yellow little skirt micro-exposed little sexy, layered skirt, very eye-catching yet. With a lovely and refreshing ball head, have a good mood all day long.

The picture comes from: EU force silk women



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