What is sent on Mother's Day 2014?

The weekend is Mother's Day, and a special gift is given to the special festival as a special consideration for the children. The beauty of the heart is everywhere, she always sacrifices her dedication to the family, and often ignores the right to love as a woman. In this festival, give a mother a piece of jewelry, so that it is often worn by the mother, not only can preserve the value and can convey their filial piety and concern all the time. If you don't have time to go to the mall to pick a favorite jewelry gift, if you can't give your gift to your mother's hand on Mother's Day. Then, follow Xiaobian to see how to buy a favorite jewelry for my mother online!

Recommended jewelry: gold

Recommended reason: gold means rich and auspicious, hope that mother is happy and eternal


Gold has always been regarded as the radiance of the sun melting in the human world; and gold jewelry is the warmth of radiance mapping in women's hearts. Sending gifts to people is a traditional gift-giving custom in China. For example, when you marry, you will be given a three-gold gift. When you are in life, you will receive a bracelet with the words of Fushou, as well as gifts for relatives and friends, such as gold ingots and money coins. If you are worried about buying other materials, jewelry moms don't like it, then picking gold jewelry will never go wrong.

In the choice of styling, you should refer to the mother's wearing style. If it is more mature, you can choose a necklace or bracelet with a simple style. If you are wearing a fashionable and beautiful mother, you can choose some popular roses. Gold ornaments; if it is traditional, you can choose some traditional patterns.

Recommended jewelry: diamond

Recommended reason: glaring fire, create a mother's fashion charm


Gold is a traditional Chinese jewellery, and the diamond ring seems to be a patent for young couples. In the eyes of the minded children, most of the older generation of mothers in the age of marriage, due to economic reasons and lack of material, almost no jewelry, diamond jewelry can also be a good gift for mothers. When choosing diamond jewelry for your mother, you should choose traditional and classic styles to highlight the feminine elegance. The inlaid petal ring, streamlined earrings, drop-shaped diamond necklace and curved bracelet are all good choices. Here I teach you a few ways to identify diamonds. 1. Hardness test. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance. There is nothing to mark the diamond. If it can mark the mark, it is not a diamond. Thermal conductivity test, breathe a breath on diamonds and similar materials, because the diamond has high thermal conductivity, so the water mist on the surface of the diamond should evaporate faster than the water mist on other items; 3, observe the reflected light, use The magnifying glass can observe that the waist of the diamond has a very fine frosted shape and has a sparkling reflection light. 4. Under the magnifying glass, the surface of the genuine diamond often has grooves and triangular growth points. Generally, online shopping jewellery products, merchants will provide the corresponding inspection certificate, for example, the diamond products purchased in Oriental Meibao Mall have GIA certification, consumers can check the authenticity according to the number on the certificate. Like some comprehensive platforms, such as Taobao and Tmall, most of them focus on retail business, and there are many merchants. When purchasing, they must ask for certificates from the merchants to avoid after-sales problems and prevent consumer rights.

Recommended jewelry: Caibao

Recommended reason: starlight shines, let mom return to youth


Bright and colorful colored stones can attract the attention of many people at any time. My mother has also been young and has been radiant. Pick a colored gem for her and let her mother return to youth! However, you should pay attention to the selection. Although the colored stones are well matched with the clothes, there are still some requirements for the skin color. For women with yellowish skin color, you need to avoid yellow gemstones when purchasing colored gemstone pendants. Yellow will make the skin look darker. You should choose color transparency such as Bolivia amethyst, white topaz, sea sapphire, olivine, red tourmaline. Higher gems. For women with darker skin, try smoky quartz, garnet, diamond sapphire, and other high-purity gemstones. You need to avoid gemstones with high transparency or bright colors, which will cause too much contrast with the skin. It is also easy to look cheesy. For women with a fairer complexion, these women's gemstones have a wide selection range, and many colors are suitable. The darker gemstones are easy to contrast with the skin color, making the skin look more white, and wearing a red gemstone necklace will make it better. The color is highlighted.

In addition to the more popular gold, diamond, and colorful jewelry, jade and pearl can also be used as gifts for Mother's Day. Everyone can buy according to their mother's preferences, but there are no specific identification standards for jade pearl jewelry, especially for jade products. Professional appraisers for identification. Finally, everyone is reminded that online shopping jewellery must choose a regular website to purchase, request jewelry certificates and invoices in order to defend their consumer rights. Near Mother's Day, many merchants have discounts. Vertical malls like Oriental Meibao Mall are undergoing full reduction and full gifts. Saturday Fu, Zocai and Woodland Diamonds have corresponding preferential policies. You can compare the promotion of each platform to purchase, the most sincere affection and love, and the love of the praise, the heart of the tie, on the occasion of Mother's Day is coming to the mother's hands.

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