Jade species (Figure)

There are many types of jade, such as: old pit glass, ice, oil green, hail / glutinous, green, white, green, hibiscus, golden silk, violet, bean, dragon stone , Mo Cui, Tielongsheng, Hung Hom, etc... The most common jadeite species are jadeite, ice jade, and jadeite. I will not explain it to you here, and pick out the following representative ones for you to introduce.

1, black ice ink painting

Black ice is grayish black to dark black jade, more than 98% of jadeite, is a single mineral rock, the structure is compact and delicate. Black is formed under the surface of the emerald, often formed by the infiltration of organic carbon.

The black ice stone is mainly produced in the Pagan mine in Myanmar. The black ice raw materials can also be seen in the auctions in Naypyung and Yangon in Myanmar.

In the industry, because of its dark texture, it seems like an ink landscape painting, and the old experts also call it "ink painting jade."

2, Mo Cui

At first glance, it is black and shiny. It is easy to make people mistakenly think that it is the jade or other black gemstone in Dushan jade, but it is translucent when viewed under transmitted light, and it is translucent in black, especially The flaky ink green is gratifying in color under transmitted light. The Burmese used the "shadow of lovers" to describe the black jadeite, which the Chinese called "Jicui".

3, red dragonfly


Bright red or orange-red jade is easy to see in the market. The color of red peony is formed after the formation of jadeite crystals, which is caused by the infiltration of hematite. Its characteristics are bright red or deep red, good red enamel color, glass luster, transparency is translucent, red enamel products are often medium or low-end products, but also high-grade red enamel: bright color, delicate texture It is very beautiful and is loved by people. It has a jade color with auspicious colors.

Finally, for everyone, what is jade?

Jade, also known as jade jade, jade, jade, Burmese jade, is a kind of jade, the color is emerald green (called Cui) or red (called ç¿¡). It is a jade-like polycrystalline aggregate formed mainly of jade, omphacite and sodium chromite during the geological process. In addition, there are also characters in the name of "Jade" in the anime.

I believe that through the above introduction, friends have a simple understanding of the types of jade. I also believe that in the process of collecting jadeites in the future, my heart will have a score. The knowledge about jadeite will first be told to everyone. If you want to know more about jadeite, you can go to China Jewelry Merchants Network for detailed inspection!

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