EITIE red lace dress with a Ye Lin Qian Heng same paragraph dress

Each girl has a romantic fantasy for her wedding, although more and more girls are devoted to Western-style weddings, they always can not resist the deep red feelings. It seems that only a beautiful red makeup, a happy smile to make a sweet honey, and then into the heart of a little cinnabar, let it flow years, never played down.

Chiffon layers of stitching, gentle as a child when you comb your mother's hands, bearing the care and blessing of parents, subtle flutter swing, turned into millions of fluttering butterflies, lead you to walk to happiness. On this day, you are like a fairy with a winged wing, beautiful and unprintable, as if you have acquired strong armor and love for the future.

Delicate embroidery in the lace cloth rippling, full of joy and affectionate embellishment in the eyebrows on the skirts , gently wave sleeves, like to sprinkle peach petals, as easily drunk as drunk. I do not know the dream is awake, meaningless dreams are awake, confident happiness.

Strong charm of the red people always favor people, fashion hot mom Ye Yi Qian, beauty anchor Lin Heng also Qingqing interpretation of this intoxicating Fei color romantic, dazzling.

EITIE红色蕾丝连衣裙搭配 叶一茜林恒同款连衣裙

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