Sapphire is not all blue color affects value

Sapphire is a very beautiful colored gemstone. It belongs to one of the world's top five gemstones and plays an important role in the international gem world. The fans know that in addition to blue, sapphire has other rich colors, their colors are different, the value is not the same, what color sapphire should be bought?


Why are sapphire not all blue?

Sapphire is a gemstone mineral with a gem level and a certain crystal transparency and beautiful bright colors. However, the international gemstones classify red corundum gemstones as rubies, while other color corundum gemstones are classified as sapphires, so sapphire does not have a single blue hue, it can also have such as yellow, purple, orange, etc. The color tone is a colorful gem.

Of course, each color of sapphire has a different degree of rarity, and then has different values, so it is necessary to understand the value of various colors of sapphire.

First, the blue sapphire:

Bluebonnet sapphire is the rarest

Among the blue sapphires, the most well-known and rarest is the cornflower sapphire produced by Kashmir, which has a pure blue color that is as pure, rich and slightly purple as the plateau sky.

Due to the extremely scarce production, the true Kashmir blue sapphire has almost disappeared. It is only possible for high-end jewelers and international auctions to be seen by chance, and the price is not affordable. Now that the cornflower sapphire is not limited to Kashmiri sapphire, buying a cornflower sapphire from Sri Lanka or Madagascar may be a better choice. It should be noted that the cornflower sapphire has very strict requirements on the color tone, concentration and saturation of the color, so be sure to seek reliable and authoritative laboratory certificate support when purchasing.

Royal Blue Gem is the most famous

In addition to the well-known blue cornflower blue, sapphire also has a famous blue variety, that is, Royal Blue. Royal Blue is also a noble breed of sapphire and is best produced in Myanmar.

Not all sapphires can be called royal blue, which has considerable requirements for color hue, concentration, and saturation. The royal bluish gemstone is very strong in color, with a hint of purple color. It also has a deep, noble and elegant temperament, which makes it a favorite of many princes and nobles. Although the Kashmir cornflower sapphire is the top sapphire, it has been in production for a long time, and the Royal Blu-ray gem has always maintained a certain output to meet the needs of the market.

Second, the color system sapphire:

Papalacca sapphire is the rarest

Among the colored sapphires, there is a sapphire that has both a pink hue and an orange hue, which is called a palazaki sapphire. This beautiful sapphire was first discovered in Sri Lanka and was described by the locals as a lotus-like sapphire. Due to its harsh eye color, its production is very rare, and it is even rarer in the gem market, but its beautiful color. Enough to be remembered, deeply attracted to it, rare production and beautiful appearance give it a high value.

Pink sapphire is the warmest

Pink sapphire has always been one of the most popular colors in sapphire, and it is also a gemstone with a faster price increase in recent years. You may wonder why the pink sapphire does not belong to the ruby. Although the pink color has a hint of warmth, its color is lighter than the ruby ​​color, showing a delicate and fresh pink, but not very rich. Therefore, it cannot be called ruby.

Let me talk about the value of pink sapphires. Although in the color sapphire family, its price is second only to Papalacha sapphire, the price of pink sapphire is tens of thousands per carat, but if the color is marked with brown and gray, the value will be greatly reduced. High-quality, unheated pink sapphires are produced in small quantities, and the specific granules are generally small. More than 1 carat is quite rare, and the price will increase geometrically.

Orange, yellow, and purple are the most favored

The orange sapphire looks very beautiful too, and if the orange is bright and slightly reddish, it is very popular. Its beauty is not inferior to Papa Lacha, but because of the higher output, the price is not as expensive as the former, and the price is very high.

In addition, if the color of the yellow and purple sapphire is rich and colorful, the price is not low. When the color of green sapphire and emerald are green, the price will be very high.

In fact, sapphire of any color, as long as the color is bright and rare, it is inevitable that people are loved. These sapphires, which have the dreamlike colors of fireworks, have become more and more fans and are gradually becoming popular in the market.

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