Children's clothing binge influx of unstoppable Huizhou Liri department store grand opening

May 1, 2014, in the brimming with the happy holiday, the children's clothing store in Huizhou, Guangdong Liri department store grand opening, Huizhou 51 holiday add style. With the continuous innovation of designers, the challenge of all kinds of fashion elements, the fashion, the trend of fun in the end, the super style super beautiful, there are attractive concessions Oh you do not believe? Then go to Huizhou Lai department store to see it! Headquartered in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, the operation center is located in Guangzhou; the creative center is in Dalian; the game center is in Chengdu; the animation center is in Vancouver; the product research and development center is located in Guangzhou, Jiangmen, Seoul, Paris and so on. Bourbon chain stores and supermarkets, gifts and e-commerce channels in major cities all over the country provide a comprehensive product and cultural display platform for Bourbon. With the in-depth popularization of Bourbon culture, Bourbon will become your Loyal friend. Children's clothing Huizhou Lai department store in the opening day of the May Day Reloaded, the new shiny image debut, exquisite fashion, fun and comfortable store design, just like children's clothing brand names like emitting a romantic flavor, bright lights, Give you a luxurious visual feast effect, the store embellished with fruit dolls, highlight the innocence side, together with the spring and summer fashion collection of 2014 spring and summer, Fun fruit children's clothing to create a happy shopping! At the same time for the bingo children's clothing add the new territory of the national territory. Children's clothing designed specifically for 3-12-year-old children's fashion fun clothes, fabrics, 100% high quality long-staple cotton-based products dyed using the national safety standard of reactive dyes, safe and comfortable for parents to reassure. Children's clothing with a professional, top domestic design team, all inspired by the design of the children's world, the pursuit of the perfect functional and sensory unity. And profound analysis of consumer psychology, product mid-range price for sale, there is a crazy value-added enjoyment and screaming product quality, value for money to win the volume, dominated the market structure. In many first-tier cities touted by young people. Billion fruit to young people to bring the courage to chase dreams, have the power of fruit, fruit have a dream!

Around April 2017, our gemstone supplier gave us a rose quartz roller(a handheld massaging tool), and he told us that this beauty product is called Jade Roller and it a has a huge market. He suggested that we develop such products. Since then, we have developed this new product line of jade roller. Now we have self-owned factory, we can offer high quality jade roller for global customer with wholesale price.

Benefits of jade roller:

  • Aids in supporting the lymphatic system & help lymph node detoxification
  • Supports lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles

Advantage of our product:

  • High quality & wholesale price $3.5
  • Factory direct sale
  • Small MOQ as 16 pieces
  • Support custom packaging

Jade Roller

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