Fashion elegant and confident beauty Ai on the music women

The progress of the times, the relative variety of products have come out to meet the needs of the major population basic necessities of life. Ai Le goods women is to focus on 22 - 36-year-old urban women's fashion, fashion for this, along with the progress of women's industry, whether it is product development, production and sales are constantly perfected. 2014 Ai Shang Le Pin brand escalation, in the fashion trend Ai Le music women's clothing both product style, and product quality are very focused on the consumer experience.

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Fashion elegant and confident beauty Ai on the music women

Aisha (Changsha) Garments Co., Ltd. The domestic market production base was set up in Dongguan , Guangdong , China Merchants is headquartered in the Sha Chau Chau - Changsha . It is the core operation center of the domestic market, in order to radiate the various regions of the country to carry out the franchise chain operation.

Aisha (Changsha) Garment Co., Ltd. set design, development, production and sales as one of the brand operating system, with the development of chain management business model as the basis, the implementation of various entities store brand promotion, marketing, terminal planning, target management, performance Management and other support for market operation. With "integrity management, sincere and responsible, customer first" won the majority of consumers and their dealers alike.

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They look like fine jewelry and are worn with pride to show group or team affiliation. Order metal lapel pins to use at events, fund-raisers, conventions, trade shows, graduations, and for corporate identity or customer relations purposes.

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