How to change the face with a good home decoration style

Although red, orange and yellow are the warm colors that everyone is familiar with, the designers also reminded that they should match the color according to their own situation. If they pursue the warmth, they will destroy the original decoration style.

As far as the modern minimalist style is concerned, whether it is black-and-white gray or red-white, the main feature is the appearance of outstanding blockbusters. Therefore, this principle must be followed when adding other warm-colored textiles. It must be a large, solid color product.

For example, in the modern minimalist style, it is necessary to reject the appearance of small floral patterns, so as not to damage the overall decoration style, and the country style can use more complicated patterns. As for the blue-and-white Mediterranean style, it is originally derived from the hot spots of the four seasons, designed to bring people a sense of coolness. Therefore, it is recommended that in order to maintain the style can not be added to other colors, if you want to have a sense of warmth, you can only work on the material, add a few pieces of white wool carpet or cushion.

If the color of the wall and furniture at home is quite beautiful, and it is not sure to add other warm colors, then the earth color is the safest choice. Because it fits into any color, it makes the whole space appear quiet.

And nowadays, the modern minimalist style with black and white ash as the main color is popular. Incorporating light colors into this style can't simply add colors such as red orange, but add 50% to 60% gray to warm colors. For example, if you want to change to a brown sofa cover, you can choose gray coffee color, which not only reduces the sense of coolness in the room, but also maintains the sense of neatness and tranquility in the style.

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