Jowu Wang 2013 Seiko art journey perfect ending compose men's new legend

Jowu Wang 2013 Seiko art tour in Xiamen perfect ending. Nearly 300 consumers, media guests in the four days and three nights in the journey, to experience the king of the nine animal husbandry king of the legend, witnessed a soul-stirring journey of Seiko culture. Thanksgiving Consumers Open Seiko Art Journey again The Journey of the Sepia Wang Jing Art Tour began in 2012. At the time of the nine year anniversary of the listing of Goethe King, in order to thank the support of thousands of consumers, so that customers feel close Seijin mystery art, huge sums of money to create a 4 days and 3 nights flying tour, invited nearly 200 customers came to Xiamen, Quanzhou, By the community enthusiastic response, a landmark event in the menswear industry in 2012. From March 30, 2013 to June 16, 2013, the Jowon reopened the Journey of Art by Sejin King. This event not only serves the offline terminal stores but also draws 200 winners. At the same time, it also invites users who participate in the microblogging activities of Seiko Art Tours to participate in sharing the 2013 Jiu Ge Wang Seiko art tours. At the same time, the event also invited the nine animal husbandry king 2012 elegant gentleman, nine animal husbandry king excellent shopping guide, and media guests to share Seiko feast. 2013 Joyoushoo Seiko Art Journey Invitational activities have not only gained a great deal of exposure in the national metropolitan media, but also become a hot topic of concern in Weibo. Together with the nine outskirts of the country thousands of stores constitute a full range of publicity. According to reports, this event received a warm response from consumers during the event nine animal husbandry king VIP members have been substantial growth. Tour of Hercynian enjoy the art philosophy of Seiko July 18, nearly 300 guests gathered in Xiamen, opened 2013 Jiu Ge Wang Jing art tour of the curtain. On July 19, guests went to Quanzhou to visit the JiuMang Wang flagship store and the factory to personally experience the art of JiuMin Wang Seiko. The site witnessed the birth of Seiko trousers and suits. In addition, they also paid tribute to the ancient temples of Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou, Museum, a taste of ancient Quanzhou's cultural charm. On July 20, tour Xiamen. During the day, Gulangyu, the "Piano Island", took a luxurious private yacht to the sea to experience the beauty of the blue sky. On the evening, the Jokul King held a feast for the guests and staged a stylish elegant gentleman show. July 21, then visit the sacred place of Buddhism South Putuo Mountain, the world's largest gun Fort Huli mountain fort. Mr. Chen is the faithful consumer of King Joyoung for more than ten years and is very shocked by the process of manufacturing Seiko Kingou. "Each of the nine animal husbandry, Wang trousers forged after hundreds of processes forged from -8 ° to 160 ° high and low temperature fabric anti-wrinkle treatment, version of the body after collecting 12 million data tailoring, which is not just Seiko manufacturing, it is possible with Seiko interpretation of the new legendary men's wear For a long time, the grazing King with a professional respect, Yikeweizun, adhere to the Seiko manufacturing, a model of high-quality men's wear. For Joo-Young Lin, the head of Goethe, Seiko Art is a "concentration" spirit of almost romanticism. It not only produces "Men's Pants with Substantial Connotation," but also helps Chinese men to use the most ideal way of life in the real world In the eternal performance. At the Seiko Dinner, media guests were invited to admire the wonderful elegant gentleman's fashion show, admiring the Seiko Men of the Nine Horses. "Seiko art is an attitude related to your understanding of clothing and care for customers. Seiko art is even more a trend. At the moment of the rise of great powers, the national dress should also embody the elegance of Seiko, and the beautiful Chinese dream needs the support of Seiko Art . "As the head of the brand of JiuMin Wang said, Seiko is part of the growth and sticking of the brand JOMO Wang. It is understood that the Jowu King will Seiko art journey into a long-term brand activities, "men's most important is Seiko's quality and taste, we hope that through continuous efforts to become the men's industry Seiko legend."

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