Christmas fashion trends make a touch of blush brightly lit Christmas

Leading Word: Christmas has come quietly, and I would like to sit on a modern time machine on the upcoming Christmas Eve and transform my retro girl to let her boyfriend indulge in your charm. What color is best for Christmas this year? Yes, it is Red, it can be a coat, it can be a small red bag, it can also be a pair of modern red high heels, as long as this element, you are the most beautiful princess in his eyes ~

圣诞流行趋势 让一抹嫣红点亮缤纷圣诞(图1)

The combination of slim sweaters and sheds is one of the best ways to wear retro dresses from the 50s. Here's the red bag in the establishment of the overall mix of eye-catching perspective, but also for its added elegant fashion temperament.

圣诞流行趋势 让一抹嫣红点亮缤纷圣诞(图2)

Although the use of a large area of ​​red single product, but the presence of gold hardware such as rivets, locks and other good break through the large area of ​​red visual fatigue and dizziness and irritability problems. And under the foil of lace, it also added a romantic Feminine temperament with the overall.

圣诞流行趋势 让一抹嫣红点亮缤纷圣诞(图3)

The weak contrast between the color of the coat and the small dress emphasizes the sense of presence of the red lips and high heels, thereby maximizing the charm of the overall shape while emphasizing the key highlights.

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