Urumqi: Variety wig wears a "cup"

Variety wig wears a "cup"

Xinjiang Daily News In recent years, wigs have been loved by young women, teenagers or hair loss patients because of their good hair style and perfect hair color. Especially in the winter, walking in the street, people wearing wigs can be seen everywhere. However, behind this beautiful, there are many hidden dangers hidden, which makes the beautiful wig a "invisible killer"! In the interview, experts told reporters that unreasonable wearing wigs or wearing cheap wigs will not only cause hair loss, but also cause folliculitis. In severe cases, it may even cause cancer.

The public is picking a wig

Wig causes inflammation

Ms. Li, a citizen of Urumqi, originally had a long black hair, but she loves the beauty. Everyone who saw the colorful wigs of the young ladies on the street made her feel so excited, so she bought it at a sigh of relief. Three different styles of wigs, wear this today, wear that tomorrow. Because of the fashion wig, she also made a "eyeball" in the unit and the street.

Can not last, this worn for two weeks, Lee found, and he started out a lot a lot of hair and scalp itching, rashes and even played a lot. A scratch, actually bleeding, but also pus.

Ms. Li panicked and quickly went to the hospital for treatment, but was told that the scalp hair follicles were blocked and inflamed because of wearing the wig for a long time. Injections, medication, toss for a week, and finally the doctor said, can not wear a wig, otherwise it will cause inflammation, which may lead to hair loss or even baldness. Ms. Li was scared to listen.

Beauty is almost disfigured

Coincidentally, in addition to letting Ms. Li's hair follicles inflame, she also made Ms. Wang, who is also in love with the United States, almost ruined. Ms. Wang bought a purple wig and put it on the mirror. The naughty nephew threatened her to burn the wig. Unexpectedly, the fake came true, and when it hit the fire source, the wig was instantly ignited. In the panic, she pulled off the wig, her true hair was also smashed, burned a part, and her face was not burnt.

So is the wig harmful to people's bodies?

Recently, the reporter visited the major wholesale markets in Urumqi, the capital, and found that the wig market is mixed. In order to find a good wig, not only need to pay expensive money, but also need to have a pair of insights that are true and false!

Wig sales peak to

The weather is getting colder, but the wig industry is welcoming the sales season. In the Xiaoximen business district of Urumqi, various wigs can be seen everywhere. In addition to the colorful colors, there are also fashionable styles that have won the love of beauty lovers. On the morning of November 3, the reporter saw a woman bought five wigs in one wholesale and retail wig shop. After watching the salesperson wear the wig on his head, the lady was excited about the appearance of a variety of beautiful images.

She told reporters: "The whole body is up and down, the most important thing is the hair style, but my hair is very poor. After hot dyeing, it is the same as the hay. Listen to others, you can buy a wig, I will come shopping. I did not expect, wig I’m so beautiful, I actually want to buy it in the summer, but I’m too worried to wear it. When the weather is cold, I’ll buy it quickly, so that I can have a beautiful winter.”

"I am bald when I am so young. I wear a cool hat in the summer and a wig in the winter. This will not only make me look younger, but also keep warm!" Mr. Zhang said that he chose the wig that suits him.

In the International Trade Wholesale City, Ms. Li, who has been doing fakes for nearly 10 years, said: "In recent years, the fakes have become more and more good. In the summer, the main sales are some colored wigs. Very good, and our wigs vary from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan according to the wholesale price of work. High-end goods, with real hair characteristics, can be dyed at will, the quality of the gloss is realistic, feels comfortable and is highly sought after. The price is relatively expensive."

Most people buy chemical fiber. Compared with real hair, it is not resistant to high temperature. The hair is made of artificial fiber. The price is relatively cheap, and the market is very good.

"In short, each has its own advantages. If you are a quality-conscious buyer, I suggest you look at the real-life production. If you just meet your own needs, it is recommended to look at the artificial side." She told reporters .

During the visit, the reporter found that the wholesale price ranged from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan, the feel was very different, and some wigs with lower prices had a pungent smell in their hands.

Respondents claim that beauty requires cost

The reporter interviewed 20 women randomly, and most of them had experience of wearing wigs. They told reporters: "Beautiful is a price to pay, if you want to be beautiful, you have to endure!"

The following are the more and less troubles and dangers that the respondents think are more or less caused by the wigs.

Most women said that the wigs made by real hair are too expensive, and most people will choose wigs that are cheaper, and such wigs tend to be poorly flammable and flammable.

Some women said that the wigs they bought will be rinsed with water because they have strong industrial raw materials and chemicals, which may cause infection of the scalp and invade the human body.

"The biggest harm of wigs is that they can cause hair loss. Wearing wigs has a pulling force on the original hair and catching the scalp. It is easy to cause external force to lose hair..." This is the most frequently spoken phrase by ladies who wear wigs.

Expert: Reasonable use of wigs

Sun Qiang, director of the Propaganda Department of the Autonomous Region Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that long-term, long-term exposure to allergic materials or unsafe materials may cause cancer in some people. For wigs, especially cheap wigs, some of them are not excluded. Chemical raw materials, especially some colored wigs, are dyed from raw materials.

Director Sun Qiang also said: "For some off-patients, hair loss is not a disease. It should be psychologically adjusted and actively treated. The quality of the wig should be tested. When wearing a wig, if the scalp has redness, itching, pain, etc. Symptoms, must be treated as soon as possible. Even for beauty, wear wigs should pay attention to time, wear time can not be too long, often take off, give the scalp breathable."


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