South Xinjiang's seed cotton purchase prices fell partially

South Xinjiang's seed cotton purchase prices fell partially It is understood that since November, the Aksu region in southern Xinjiang has been concentrated in ginning companies, and the general shortage of acquisition processing by various companies and the relative abundance of acquisition funds have caused the seed cotton purchase price to remain “high and low”. On the 5th, Keping, Shaya, and Afghanistan The purchase price of 40-42% cottonseed cotton is still at 9.75-9.85 yuan/kg, 42% of which is 9.90 yuan/kg. A few cotton enterprises grab the "frost before flower" or even try the lint-free, directly With a hand, it feels like clothing points and water bills are purchased. However, most cotton companies have increased their willingness to wait and see, and they have refused to accept low prices or low prices for seed cotton, which contains more than 13 seeds or cotton, or cotton, and cotton farmers and cotton traders have refused to sell them. Since November 2nd, Yecheng has been in Kashgar since November 2. The purchase price of seed cotton in Yuepu Lake and Aktao, etc., decreased with the decrease in the grade and the number of seed cotton.

On the 5th, the purchase price of 40% cotton seeds was 9.35 yuan/kg, and the highest purchase price of seed cotton slipped down to 9.75 yuan/kg. For low moisture content, 40% of the 40% cottonseed cotton seeds had a starting price of 9.40-9.45 yuan/kg. Concerned about the recent cooling down of frost and the “selling does not sell up” mentality, cotton farmers and traffickers actively traded, some Kashgar cotton traders began to transport seed cotton carts to Aksu West Bridge, Keping and other places for sale; Korla most cotton seed cotton The purchase price also fell slightly, in the range of 0.05-0.10 yuan/kg. Seed cotton returned to the way of pricing for clothes and water.

According to the survey, as of November 5, most of the cotton fields in southern Xinjiang harvested 75%-80% of the seed cotton. The Corps was mainly harvested by machines and the picking progress was faster than the local. As the Corps growers mostly completed the task of selling, some Autumn peaches and low-fiber-length, low-grade seed cotton began to flow to local processing companies. A cotton company in Keping said that it recently received about 35 tons of Corps seed cotton, the clothing is still generally reach 42.5-43, the grade is mainly "31", but the manual measurement and actual measurement, the fiber length is mainly 26mm, 27mm As a supplement, lint cannot reach the deposit condition. Some acquisitions in Akesu and Bachu are seriously inadequate. Cotton enterprises that cannot complete the “guarantee” amount believe that the processing will be completed before November 15, but this year it will be delivered or extended. Due to the shortage of storage capacity in Aksu and Kashgar warehouses and the large number of processing enterprises, the daily reserve volume is not large. Therefore, bidding contracts are difficult. Some cotton enterprises have begun bidding for direct subordination deposits in Korla, Yili and even Urumqi. Pay the deposit as soon as possible, return the money as soon as possible, and reduce the time spent on the funds.

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