Different seasons choose different underwear winter how to choose underwear

The climate has four seasons, your clothes are also four seasons. Well, underwear in terms of color, style and other aspects of the climate change.

Spring is still the spring season, the most lively season of all things, so when we choose to wear underwear, we have to figure out what should not be selected, the best choice without adding any hard materials and high-elasticity blended liner.

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The primary function of summer and autumn underwear is moisture absorption and breathability. Summer underwear should not be too thick, with thin natural fiber products as well. Modified underwear are mostly made of chemical fiber, hygroscopicity is poor, especially like a magic bra padded thick underwear, will hinder the body surface sweat evaporation. If you want to correct body shape summer, then do not add hard materials and padded blended high elastic underwear, your better choice. Summer underwear to choose more transparent, light-colored, to prevent the emergence of "underwear explicit" embarrassing scenes. If you wear a T-shirt, the best choice for the surface is smooth, not a lot of lace, so as not to affect the bump will be reflected, detrimental to the image.

不同的季节选择不同的内衣  冬季该如何选择内衣

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If you want to properly correct your body, then, winter is the best season. Take good control of this heavenly season. Will let you get a healthy, beautiful figure after a winter.

So, in the winter we choose mainly to comfort, correction-based. But also requires underwear with good breathability. Because our body's metabolism is going on. Double-layer fabric underwear both functional and beautiful, is still the ideal winter, thicker and better warmth underwear made of fabric can also be considered.

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