"Children's fashion with experts" Grenco green fruit of the fantastic color

Hong Kong Qing Qing Guo International Garment Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 in Hong Kong, is a collection of apparel design, development, production and sales as one of the major groups, its main children's wear brand "Grenco" green fruit. Ms. Apple chan, grew up in fashion international city of Hong Kong, adolescents study in France, majoring in design. Full of love of children's wear, declined the invitation of top foreign and domestic brands, resolutely returned to the European design style combined with traditional Chinese elements and in 1997 founded the "Grenco green fruit" high-end children's wear brand, is committed to creating a leading Fashionable children's wear, and was awarded the Shenzhen Municipal Infants and Young Children * Vice Chairman of Industry Committee, and access to "children's fashion with experts" in the world. Simple and elegant design style without losing fashion innovation, the first children's clothing uniforms business philosophy, fashion magazine was reported as "she is a senior custom pull the altar of the amazing woman!" Green fruit logo is composed of cute, happy apple head, is a symbol of lively and lovely, healthy and happy children, LOGO standard color to green-based colors, composed of orange, blue, pink and yellow, Bring the child a fantastic childhood. Grenco green fruit brand "children's fashion with experts," the professional design concepts and children's clothing, shoes and hats, headdresses, bags and other diversified product lines, located in the high-end children's clothing market. From the brand positioning to the terminal image, visual communication by the professional team effort to create aiming to create a both traditional Chinese culture and the combination of British aristocrats, Chinese and Western high-quality low-cost boutique children's clothing brand. Green fruit with international unique design, excellent product quality, luxurious dream brand image store, perfect marketing model has won the high appreciation of the market, outlets and franchise stores in many countries around the world and stationed in Beijing, China, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang and other first-tier cities in the A-type shopping malls. Green fruit children's clothing whether color, style design or surface materials are focused on children's dream, playful and this particular group of people's physical, habits organic combination of both function and fashion, highlighting the color of children's wear and meet children's physical Human needs of the design. Product positioning age 1-15 years old (height 90-160CM) taste, the pursuit of the life of the beautiful upstart family children. T-shirts, pants, vests, dresses, jackets, autumn and winter clothes including down, coats, cotton clothes, sweaters, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, accessories including shoes, hats, Handbags, headwear, bathing suits and more. Product style clearly broken down, there is a classic Prince Princess style, college style, casual style and sports style. By the self-employed, franchising and brand marketing agency consisting of three marketing modes, from the site to the decoration shop, from the visual image to the display of goods, from product design, production to after-sales service by our professional team to build. Grenco special attention to the visual unity of effect, the product quickly toward a unified and large-scale operation. Quarterly product designers will be based on seasonal trends to convey the fashion trends of the season, through the window to convey the company's cultural appeal, to create "European stores", "green stores", "cultural stores" and "specialty stores" as The main brand culture, and quickly become green fruit is different from similar bright spots in children one. 1, the European-style stores: store shelves with European-style with its unique aristocratic atmosphere, elegant and refined style, endless obsession with customers, designers grasp the color and with the interior curve design, as well as the choice of building materials to display clothing European style more rich. 2, green stores: green apple green fruit-based decoration color shop, whether it is the store's decoration, adequate lighting, models or even a small boutique display of fine display, all show a cordial, comfortable and green shopping environment. 3, cultural stores: "children's fashion with experts" business philosophy, Shopping guide are professional with a master, a unified dress image, so that customers feel more cordial, "Smile service" sales philosophy, professional dress advice, let Customers see easily, try easily, buy easily. 4, the characteristics of stores: "thematic window display" is a highlight of green fruit stores, with different sales and color clothing show jumping special jump, highlighting the green fruit brand unique recognition and appeal, its classic The theme series is "Green Apple Paradise", "Little Princess", "azure coastline" and "cool black and white group." Regularly put some brand information materials in major media coverage, as well as organize various competitions and new conference, let our partners and members understand the latest trends in products and trends, in order to continuously enhance the brand's reputation and reputation degree. Green fruit to create a membership system precedent, not only provide members of the professional clothing shopping guide service, for many years to spare no effort to provide members with a showcase of talent dream stage, let TA's childhood memories.

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