High family parent-child loading market development of new opportunities

After 80 parents "avant-garde", "fashion" concept of parenting, many businesses from which to find new business opportunities. Parent-child equipment to clothing as parents and children pass the emotional tools between each other, you can tap hidden in the hearts of parents care for their children and look forward to. There is a great way to start a store between parents and children, and China's "parent-child market" is ready to come out. According to the forecast, at present, the scale of China's baby consumer market reaches 750 billion yuan. Wearing a paternity dress is not just clothes, but also convey a deep love, with the economy to improve income, improve living standards, media coverage and celebrity parenting with parents to promote the popular, as well as a new generation of young parents are more willing to publicity, Rather generous, generous expression of love for family and children, more willing to invest for parents and bother with the children's affection blend. Parent-child sales break the traditional single sales model, women's, men's and children's wear combined sales, which brought the family bundled with the sales model, creating the rapid development of parent-child packaging industry in recent years, and the future immeasurable development prospects. As far as the family paternity loading is concerned, at present there are 12-14 sizes for each piece of clothing, which is much higher than the usual size of clothing, and more than 120 models are updated in each selling season. Therefore, the size of more varieties are more basic features of parent-child equipment. In the operation of parent-child equipment, the eldest family remind you to pay attention to the following points: First, the source is the key to the new owner of the store To save trouble can choose to join the parent-child brand, the benefits of joining the clothing brand can provide a full range of services from product to management . Second, there is a place to pay attention to the location of parent-child stores installed in addition to the community, pedestrian streets, shopping malls, you can also choose in the MCH, kindergartens, primary schools nearby. Third, the target customers locked completely new concept of clothing business, the parent-child package for the consumption of local people in better living conditions for modern families, and now many new mothers are 80 after the women, their pursuit of fashion, the concept of consumption ahead of the Infant supplies are more willing to spend money on spending, consumer spending power of this group is beyond doubt. Fourth, marketing skills First of all, parent-child equipment is emphasized that affection, almost all of the parent-child businesses have put their loved ones as the biggest selling point. At the same time, parent-child equipment and children's wear similar to the decision to buy is the parent, and the main consumer is around the child. Therefore, the parent-child marketing should not only set off from the mother's feelings, but also take full care of the baby's feelings.

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