The current and future of Hetian jade market

I still remember that when I talked with you Yuyou in the first half of this year, when I talked about the price trend of Hetian jade, I used the phrase "Hetian seed jade in the past year is rising every year, and the first half of this year is rising in January." . The voice has not fallen, it will be in October of this year, and in the future, when it comes to summing up the changes in this process, the price of the raw materials of Hetian Seed Jade to the local jade in Suzhou is already raging, and this wind seems to be getting more and more The fierce trend can be described as fierce. This momentum, not only our small business small households are not expected, I believe that even the old players who have been engaged in this business for many years have not seen such a battle. I personally also ushered in November and December in this squat. Compared with the colder weather, the price of Hetian jade seed material market has further increased rapidly. The current raw material market price is given to my personal. The impression is that "from the Monday of the transition period, you can even feel the trend of one day." This momentum. I have been analyzing and summarizing, and I have communicated and communicated with many friends in the industry. Here, I also want to use my own opinions to communicate with friends and friends in the industry, so as to attract people from all walks of life to discuss.

First, the Hetian jade market has entered the era of green and white materials. Friends who are often in the jade market, including some experienced players or friends who are interested, can feel that the price of Hetian jade market is rising at the same time, and the good things that can be seen are not many, the color of the material is also down. a lot of. In the first half of this year, in the raw material market, it is common to see small white matter with good whiteness. It has been rare since the second half of the year, and most of the materials that have been seen are pan-green materials. The blue and white materials, including some special materials, are slightly clean, complete, and fine, and the price has risen very quickly, even becoming the mainstream. Because the current price of white material on the market is very large, ordinary businesses and players can no longer afford it, and the lack of raw materials, white material is already rare. I can see that some of the white materials I have seen in this period of time are about 20 grams, the fineness of whiteness is good, and there is a little bit of material. In the hands of Uighurs, you can shout without blinking. Up to 50,000. In the face of this, I personally feel that the jade market has ushered in the era of green age and special materials.

Second, the competition for raw materials has entered a fever. It has been common in Hotan that Uighurs also traded and exchanged jade materials with each other. At present, in the Suzhou market, friends who often visit the Suzhou Confucian Temple and the raw materials market will see that there are often Uighurs who exchange transactions with each other in their own circles. It shows that there is a serious shortage of jade materials. Some studios also absorb a large amount of jade material for hoarding, and good finished products also have a tendency to reluctantly sell. Half a month ago, I heard from a friend that there were two people in the Suzhou Confucian Temple. I dragged two boxes and received the materials. One box was filled with cash and the other was empty. When the cash was changed into large materials, it was left. I was dubious at the time. Just this Saturday, I went to the Temple of Literature and once again witnessed this scene, like a replica. At this point, I was exclaimed in my heart, which is buying materials, is stealing. Some friends also said that some powerful Uighur merchants have repurchased high-quality jade materials in Shanghai. Take my personal experience, if you look at the material you like, the price will not be available, you don't want to take it away. Without biting your teeth, you will never receive the right material. I remember that at the end of October, I went to Xiangwang to get the raw material market. I saw that there was a thin piece of the unique seed material in the hands of the Soviet Union. It was clean and delicate, and it was innocent. I saw fifty grams at most. When I asked the price of 128,000, I was dizzy at that time. I saw 30,000 yuan at my psychological price. How is this still? Immediately flashing people. After a short time, I came to my friend Shanghai Yuhaitang studio. My friend was tossing a pile of materials on the table. I saw the piece of material at a glance. I was very surprised. I was busy asking if my friend had already taken the piece of material. He said yes. One of his friends received, I asked the price geometry? A: 110,000. I am speechless! In the jade market, facing some top materials, it is not a price issue, but whether you are fortunate enough to encounter problems. When I came across, I basically got a word, "grab"!

Third, the Hetian jade industry practitioners and player base quickly expanded. In addition to the increased machine sounds, the merchants and the workers are noisy, and there is also a voice, that is, the voice of the local residents to rebuild their houses. Why? Because with the market of the jade market, the house rental here has become popular, with high rents and high demand. The Yuehai Plaza in Guanqian Street, Suzhou, which opened this year, is a hard-to-find place where the jade merchants such as Dachengfang, which has been expanded and expanded. Whenever I walk into these places, there is always a voice asking. In the event of an increase in this market bubble, how many people will be homeless and livelihoods become a problem?

4. The two-level differentiation of Hetian jade raw materials, processing and sales markets has intensified. In the raw material market, the level of material in the hands of Uighurs is very obvious. There are top-quality materials, there are ordinary materials, there are special materials, there are large dyeing materials, and there are polishing materials and garbage materials. The more good the material, the more distinctive the material is in front of the stalls of these Uighurs, often squeezed into three layers and three layers. In the finished parts market, there is a saying that you are not afraid of your things and you are afraid that your things are not good enough. The market for first-class finished products represented by famous studios can be described as a market, and the low-end sales market can also be summarized by the door. Because of the good sales, the famous studios are basically difficult to see and process, including some good workers in Xiangwang and even good sanding masters. Designers are also full of work, line up to say good things, please eat requests. The processing business is dialed. The wages of good workers have also risen rapidly, and it is difficult to stay. The major studios have developed favorable conditions to recruit people.

5. The audience and collection base of Hetian jade is constantly expanding. From the time I liked to the time I played, I spent six years. In the process, I met a lot of friends. The network is really a good publicity platform. Many players also like Hetian jade because of the slow understanding and contact. They like He Tianyu's feeling of restrained, warm and moist. Some friends who originally liked other wenwan games also began to like Hetian jade. Many friends who just contacted Hetian jade also communicated with me through telephone, QQ and Want Want and other modern communication platforms and means. Not to mention much, the light from the king of the king, the crowd of people in the Temple of Literature, people watching the scene, you can feel that people who like Hetian jade really began to increase. Interestingly, I saw a blue-eyed, high-nose foreigner in the Temple of Literature market last Saturday. I also looked at Hetian jade with a translator. Unfortunately, there is no camera, or I really hope to take that scene. Show it to everyone.

(To be continued)

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