Four points to pay attention to when buying jewelry and jade

In the purchase of high-end consumer goods such as jewelry and jade, it is necessary to raise the awareness of self-warning, reduce the purchase of fakes in the process of buying, or buy back the goods at a high price, then pay attention to four points:


Some unscrupulous merchants deliberately confuse consumers when marking product names and remarks, such as: only indicating Hetian jade, not indicating its origin and appearance.


Some of the sub-goods are sold as high-priced jade jewels, such as Malay jade to pretend to be jade, and Afghan jade pretending to be Hetian jade.


Some processed jewels and jade are sold as natural high-grade gems. For example, the jade dyed is filled with high-green jade, and the jade surface is made of a layer of fake leather to fill the Hetian jade seed.


Artificial gems are sold as natural gems, for example, artificial rubies are sold as natural rubies, and synthetic emeralds are used as natural emeralds.

These are some of the tricks used by the jewellery market to swindle consumers. When it comes out, it is best to look at it later when buying, choose some jewellery and jade stores, or large shopping malls and other secure places to buy. You must ask for an identification certificate before you purchase it. You must ask the merchant for your purchase credentials after purchase.

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