Show also women's 2012 autumn and winter models to create elite Chic ride

In 2011, Xiuyi brand women's wear was successfully introduced into China. Based on the essence of European fashion, highlighting romance, elegance and individuality, Xiuyi also integrates comfort, softness and sensibility into the details of design, presenting the perfect self-confidence of women And unique charm, but also freedom and fashion attitude to life expressed most vividly.


Short brown coat exudes the sense of neat, very suitable for petite MM who, with a more short skirt lengthened body line, so perfect body filling.

秀亦女装2012秋冬款 打造名媛气质Chic搭

Pink wasp waist hair coat is very able to show the perfect figure of the female curve, with woolen shorts to create aristocratic temperament ride.

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