I wish deep Dong Hao opened the new store, business is booming

Fashion Men's deep East-DEG DEG-Tianjin friendship Yantai Zhenhua Changping store is about to open soon. Deep East-ho fashion business men's origins in the European fashion style concept, heritage of Europe's original exquisite quality and elegant style, but also take full account of the oriental humanities and cultural connotation, is designed for international fashion and successful men's fashion business design Casual wear, that contains the popular elements of the world's high-end men's clothing, but also in line with the domestic target consumers aesthetic point of view and wear fun, is committed to guiding the development of domestic fashion business men's fashion, performing classical costume art "upright, confident, courageous, straight forward "The vitality, the pursuit of" simple, fine review, business fashion, "the taste. Deep East-ho fashion business men, more suitable for the successful men in China! Deep East DEG DEG - simple and elegant design, fine tailoring, extremely fit version, personality without publicity, simple but not simple, to create the city handsome workplace Male

Rayon Twill Fabric is marked by its distinct diagonal pattern. Twill Fabric is crafted using a technique that involves the weft yarns wrapping around at least two warp yarns at a time in a unidirectional pattern, creating the diagonal lines in the design. Rayon Twill Fabric is heavier and more structured than other Rayon materials. These qualities give it the remarkable durability characteristic of Twill Fabric. Other benefits of the Rayon Twill Fabric are its softness and absorbency. This strong, opaque beauty is best used for crafting gorgeous jackets, slacks, dresses and other professional attire.

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Rayon Twill

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