Fashion lady ladies wear 2012 autumn new urban bring city small fresh

Powder to "pursue perfection, elegance, romance, fashion" lifestyle, "fashion lady" as the appeal point to meet the 18-45 year-old urban women's longing for life and the pursuit of self-release, adhere to the original features, to capture the trend The colorful, blend of season colorful inspiration, to the busy work, life brings a fresh urban fashion taste. So that the charm of real personality clothing to be fully released, fully to the women brought a modern urban plot and rich cultural atmosphere. .


Shu powder fashion women's 2012 autumn new small fresh bring the city

Hangzhou Powder Garments Co., Ltd., is a professional engaged in the design, production and sales of women's enterprises. The company is headquartered in the beautiful West Lake ---- Hangzhou. . . The company for decades, the pursuit of perfection for women to bring a new fashion concept to the selection of fabrics, together with popular bright colors as embellishment, exquisite craft and version, simple style to shape the modern urban women's elegance, Romantic, stylish and generous.

粉末时尚淑女装2012秋季新品 带来都市小清新

Fashion lady ladies wear 2012 autumn new urban bring city small fresh

The company stores and agents as the main development network, and always adhere to the market demand as the core, the courage to open up, integrity management, and constantly improve the "powder" brand image, and gradually establish a nationwide sales network, Zhejiang Province now has a number of monopoly Shops and counters, and major cities in the country set up sales subsidiaries, companies adhering to a good reputation and excellent quality, in the new century is willing to go hand in hand with you, a new high!

粉末时尚淑女装2012秋季新品 带来都市小清新

Fashion lady ladies wear 2012 autumn new urban bring city small fresh

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