The flagship king spring and summer 2013 new conference will be held in Chengdu on September 2

It is reported that the flagship king spring and summer 2013 new conference will be held on September 2 in the Tianfu State Chengdu grand. The conference will be "contrarian flying" as the theme. By then, hundreds of distinguished guests from all over the country will gather together to enjoy the flamboyant style of the flagship brand. "The theme of 'contrarian flying' is mainly determined by the combination of the industry environment in which the flag-card king is currently located and the trend of the brand contrarian rising." According to Li Xiang, general manager of the flagship king, due to the macroeconomic impact, Apparel industry in 2012 growth rate has dropped. However, the flagship 2012 autumn and winter products Beijing orders will exceed 50% of the order completion tasks, creating a new glory. Therefore, the brand is expected to continue the good momentum of 2012 and continue to write a new miracle. Li Xiang, general manager of the flagship brand, revealed that at present, the flagship king has joined hands with the American UTA company founded by Yang Dajun, an apparel expert to implement the product planning and R & D integration of the spring and summer 2013 products for the flagship king. At the same time, the brand also invited Shanghai planning experts Dai Minhong founded the "red creative" company, for the flagship boutique men's KK image packaging. These will become the flagship market in the future competitive weapon. Many brands in the winter market usually choose depression, passive way, waiting for the market to pick up. However, the flagship brand takes the initiative to attack the form of positive integration of various favorable resources, and effectively into the market share of the flagship king and sales. Analysis of the industry, in the ever-changing market, the dangers and opportunities are coexist. The reason why the flagship king can achieve the contrarian flying mainly for two reasons. First, the development of the brand over the years, with a mature terminal sales system and laid a good market reputation; second is due to the business in the winter market, there is no passive idle war, but actively explore the marketing strategy, thus completing the performance breakthrough .

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We always choose memory form insole with more cushion for women's shoes, flexible and durable outsole for boots,quality and cost sheepskin leather for sheepskin boots and slippers. Considering the practicability of the shoes once making the paper patterns.

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Women S Moccasins
Women S Winter Boots
Women S Winter Slippers
Women S Indoor Slippers
Women's Moccasins
Women's Winter Boots
Women's Winter Slippers 
Women's Indoor Slippers

Women's Moccasins collection are developed for comfortable long walking.

Women's Winter Boots collections selected the latest leather patterns, quality sheepskin to keeps the boots both fashion and warm.

Women's Winter Slippers collections divided to real leather and suede to meet different clients need.

Women's Indoor Slippers collections are developed for quality ,fashion ,comfortable but reasonable price.

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Women's Shoes

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