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The Henley shirt from the town of Henley is known as "Henry" in the town of Henley, west of London, England. Known as the town of Henley-on-Thames, between Oxford and London, the famous Oxford-Cambridge rowing tournament took place in 1829. Ten years later, the Henry Royal Rowing Association was established there, and today's prestigious Henley Royal Regatta came into being. Henry shirt shirt half chest cardigan to give more sport and ventilation space, collarless design also reduces unnecessary friction in sports, this piece of British modern rowing culture in Henley Town, the scribes put it As a uniform, so it got the "Henry shirt" name. Although the London Olympic Games rowing project held in the waters of Lake Donner, after the two previous London Olympics in 1908 and 1948, the rowing competition venue in Henry Town, Henley so famous, by the international scribe Gradual acceptance of them and the general public. Henley simple and comfortable, both as underwear can wear outside, very popular in the 70s, originally a man-only, and now gradually changing into a woman's wardrobe. After a period of silence, the Henley shirt is once again trendy today. It is not only an excellent choice for trendy people to replace tedious T-shirts and shirts, but also surged with the re-interpretation of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton. On: In 1959, the regulars at Henry's Royal Regatta were dressed in Henley shirts: the rowing-themed stamps from Monaco during London's 1948 Olympics, while the rowers were also dressed in Henry shirts. Next: The Bay is the Olympics-themed Henley shirt for cheer on 2012 London Olympic Games Canadian team. Dolce & Gabbana Henry shirt detail analysis Henry shirt in the design is no complicated details, is a collarless pullover, the most important feature is the middle of a round neckline a long 10 cm long half-cardigan, above the more 2 ~ 5 buckles, and Polo shirt like, so it was also called collarless Polo shirt. Henley shirt production of a wide variety of fabrics, but because the predecessor of sports uniforms, is still mainly cotton or polyester-based styles to ensure the comfort and breathability Henley shirt. Henry shirt many short sleeves, sleeves or long sleeves. Although the traditional dominated by plain, in recent years more and more Henry shirt appeared heterochromatic collar, sleeves, and even embroidered badges and logo, there are many changes in the length of the cardigan. Interestingly, however, the luxury Henry brand shirts, which are expensive luxury brands, are still mostly based on minimalistic designs, and such traditional Henry shirts are more distinctive to those who have long worn out T-shirts and polo shirts. Male favorite "grandfather shirt" Henry shirt once had a not very good alias: Grandpa shirt. Perhaps for this reason, the more mature men seem to have been tabooing Henley shirts for the past couple of years. Hollywood stars nowadays like to wear the Henry shirt seems to also dominate the young male genius, of which the new generation of "glamorous" Ryan Gosling. Gosling likes to wear a plain Henley shirt, effortlessly and effortlessly, in films like Drive, or in her own personal wear. Other handsome men wearing Henry shirts and Matt Bomer, the lead male of the popular American TV show "The White Collar." "Dribbling" movie posters and Ryan Gosling in the street are dressed in Henry shirts. Roberto Collina Lanvin Wings + Horns Wings + Horns YMC Basic The Brooklyn Circus Season Henley Jersey Henley Of course, not only the Hollywood actor to control, as long as the right choice, in fact, Henley shirt is very easy to match. The first problem with choosing a Henley shirt is the fit and good fabric that looks more like underwear, or at least cheaper. Here are some vintage or minimalist Henley shirts that are a good season. Fashion Henry shirt British style Henley shirt LINK Taking advantage of the 2012 London Olympics craze, the historic British brand John Smedley and Umbro to remake the 1948 Henry London shirt worn by the British team. Remake London 1948 Olympic style The white Henry shirt has its own name - Tangeru shirt, made in 1948 by Umbro produced for the London Olympics at the time of the British athletes, the British red and blue across the chest, quite For vintage. This year has just re-market, it has been a lot of praise, more British fashion bloggers bluntly fashion it better than the 2012 British uniforms. There are currently two models of this Henry shirt, a embroidered with the British flag, a simple blank instead of

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