Nantong blue printed cloth dyeing technology successor

There are many national intangible cultural heritage in the Chinese textile industry, Nantong blue printed cloth is one of them. This once-blooming "blue-white cloth" was once on the verge of disappearance. In order to explore the artistic charm of Chinese home textiles, the reporter interviewed Nanyong blue printing cloth dyeing and finishing artist Wu Yuan new. Obsessed with "blue and white world" In the era of material shortage, mention the blue calico, may be able to arouse the memory of many people: go out to visit, wearing a blue calico clothes, decent; love, send a blue calico Handkerchief or scallop as a token, see things thoughts; married, in addition to mahogany furniture, the most lovable blue bed is covered with cloth, such as "champion and the first", "carp jump gantry" There are "Feng Peony" on the surface, "Magpie Dengmei" on the eaves, "Jiqing more than one" on the waist skirt, "Merlin bamboo chrysanthemum" on the pillowcase, "rich and full house" on the pillowcase, "Long live a hundred years old," there is a "tablecloth" on the tablecloth ... Each one of the motifs embodies the good wishes and sincere wishes of ordinary people. "Blue printed cloth, also known as the Soviet Union." Nantong blue printing cloth art heritage, Nantong blue calico museum curator Wu Yuanxin told reporters, "It is made of two-color matching, blue and white, complement each other; it concise , Bright patterns, delicate, simple knife method, elegant, subtle conception, shows the Yulong Tianzi and unique charm. "Wu Yuanxin, China's printing and dyeing industry, a national arts and crafts artist, his life engaged in the blue calico process Research, heritage and innovation work, founded China's only blue print cloth Museum. He was recognized by the state as a non-material heritage inheritance, but also by the State Council Premier praised. Wu Yuan new home rich in a bluegrass, is a natural dye. Local people weaving good need to dyed white cloth, put the open-plank spread on white cloth, with lime and soy flour into anti-stain agents, Scratch Pad anti-stain agent scratch into the gaps in the print on the cloth surface, Dried into the blue grass dye-cylinder, dry scrape off the anti-stain agent, which showed blue and white pattern. Blue printed cloth is made like this. With blue calico made of various daily necessities, more than a thousand years ago, China's Tang Dynasty has been popular in the private sector. Wu Yuanxin 17 years old after graduating from high school into the local printing and dyeing plant, from an ordinary printing and dyeing workers began to gradually learn the stereotypes, design patterns, as the factory's business backbone. When he was 23 years old, he entered the specialized school to study textile, printing and dyeing techniques, he studied hard, studying the experience learned in the book and combined with the knowledge found in the book, he found a problem: no one wrote blue calico History and development of books. After graduation, the local Institute of Tourism Crafts hire Wu Yuanxin as director of the blue calico process research, specializing in the research and development of blue calico process, which is in line with Wu Yuan new meaning. He surrounded the blue calico craft talent, founded a small factory, as a production and test base. He is also looking for the precious blue calico preserved in the ancient times. From its patterns, shades, knives, cloths, feel and style, he studies its history, place of origin, craftsmanship, as well as humanities, aesthetics and practical value. He not only exhibitions in Nantong, but also to Shanghai, the United States and Europe to hold exhibitions, so that more people know that the original Chinese traditional cloth is blue and white, very simple to wear, elegant. Wu Yuanxin, while expanding the influence of blue calico, designed new tricks to cater to the modern aesthetic. Gradually, his products have been approved in the exhibition and somebody ordered the new style of blue calico. Wu Yuanxin put the money he got from sales into developing products, collecting folk treasures to keep the museum running, and going back and forth. His museum is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more products are being developed. Rescue "Blue Print Art" In the face of the ensuing honor, Wu Yuanxin filled with emotion. He sincerely said: "How to go next? How can the succession of blue calico? In the process of farming civilization to industrial civilization, how can this ancient folk art disappear in our hands? With The rise of the modern printing and dyeing industry, the blue calico - once flourishing trend will soon inevitably be marginalized, and even began to die, reduced to be protected .2003, the state stepped up the rescue of intangible cultural heritage, protection , The State Post Administration also issued a set of postcards for Wu Yuanxin, of which 4 pieces of "Lion Rolling Hydrangea", "Feng Xi Peony", "Double Crane Chengxiang" and "Rich and longevity" The other 4 pieces of "Textile Picture", "Zodiac Signs", "Colored Pottery Images" and "Benma Map" are designed by Wu Yuanxin, a blue printed cloth wall hanging. As Mr. Feng Jicai, chairman of the Chinese Association of Folk Literature and Art, said, he was fortunate enough to meet Wu Yuanxin, a well-known de facto successor who visited all over the country, sought for the remains, saved the handicrafts and extended his livelihood. "Wu Yuanxin said in an interview with reporters: Blue printed cloth is the common people's daily life in the United States to create, the ancestors left the blue pattern there are many scattered in various regions, not being rescued much more than we have to rescue, yet to be our excavation, finishing, Rescue and protection. Today, Wu Yuanxin, who has stepped into a never-forgotten year, has been cultivating more than 30 years in the world of blue print. After studying, collecting, researching, innovating and developing, he made every effort to carry forward and inherit the local characteristics of handicraft blue printed cloth so that the local flavor is rich Blue printed cloth art along the line, as the hometown of blue cloth catcher.

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