Gallia 2012 autumn and winter new conference departure from New York

Mexico City, Edinburgh, Scotland, Sicily, Italy, Prague, India Jaipur, Moscow, Russia ... ... Globally discovered as the core of the brand GOELIA Gloria traveled more than 20 countries in 10 years, is the first step abroad, for Chinese women Consumers discover and share the world's best brands. Autumn and Winter 2012 GOELIA Gloria came to the world's top fashion capital --- New York, USA, and on July 7, 2012 for the first time in the world-renowned architecture, the new landmark of China's fashion --- Guangzhou Grand Theater opened a new season, "Fashion All Tour ", presenting two high-class and amazing" NEW YORK, NEW LOOK "GOELIA GOLIK 2012 Fall / Winter New Releases to guests.

歌莉娅2012秋冬新品发布会  从纽约启程

Inspiration comes from New York

NEW YORK, NEW LOOK "GOELIA Gloria 2012 autumn and winter new fashion show to" Manhattan's Day and Night "concept. The choice of "Manhattan" is not just because the bustling Manhattan is a hub of fashion in New York and around the world, but also because the GOELIA Gloria New York Journey's Autumn / Winter quarter focuses on the area. The opening "Pride of the Sky", a rich mix of single product and exaggerated refreshing; followed by is to show relaxed casual style of the "weekend fanatics in Manhattan", suitable for the New York OL style work to wear "Manhattan Nine nights and five nights "with the magnificent" Night of Manhattan Nightfall. " In this series there is no lack of high-profile diamonds, fur and other items, showing a variety of New Yorker fashion party dress. The finale debut is dressed in evening gown, inspired by the Statue of Liberty known as the United States symbol of the world. Dignified atmosphere of the model sound in the music slowly forward, setting off the climax of the show.

Unprecedented size and cross-border

"NEW YORK, NEW LOOK" GOELIA Gloria 2012 autumn and winter conference on the size and cross-line portfolio are called the "unique" of the domestic apparel industry. GOELIA GELAIA not only draw inspiration and energy from "Global Discovery", but also to integrate it into the conference to share with guests, for the guests one by one waiting for "discovery" surprise: receive interesting raster invitation card Instantly, the most distinctive twins representative of the building freely converted, to impress each guest; guests stop at the entrance to the theater, you will find New York city's most unique sense of presence --- yellow Taxi has been waiting outside at the door, guests have pictures in front of the car. Into the show floor, the originality of the director to break the routine to the auditorium onto the stage, so that national guests on stage watching the show, another new perspective to discover the shock brought by the show. The red seats of the original auditorium turned out to be the backdrop. Under the light, it seemed as if they had crossed into the Broadway theater in New York. Everyone became a part of this great drama.

Directed by the renowned cross-media artist Mr. Zhan Ruiwen, the conference was inspired by the fashion capital of New York City, presenting and expressing various artistic expressions, giving audiences a new sense of sight and hearing about GOELIA's Glee and Global Discovery. Two conferences, hosting over one thousand VIPs and over one hundred media across the country, including GOELIA Gloria Tour 26 from Beijing --- Representatives of New York Station, USA: Commercial Counselor, Embassy of the United States And Consul General of Mexico in Guangzhou on behalf of Station 25.

225 Concept of global club walking

June 30, 2009, Goliath 225 was born in a heritage of the old Ridge South arcades, popular in the past three years sought after by the influx of people, get the media coverage. Her presence means GOELIA GELA is moving from a women's apparel brand to a multicultural brand that represents the brand vision of the new millennium. GOELIA GELAIA is no longer just the look of a girl, but more concerned with her heart, driving consumption in the process of self-growth of the brand The collective growth, and is committed to become a better life leader and recorder, so calmly elegant face of the world. Fall / Winter 2012, Glenealy 225 also followed the creative team went global found No. 26 --- New York, the United States, and New York fashion art Daren face to face.

This season through the interpretation of the fashion trend, GOELIA GELAIA chose New York as a inspirational "Muse" to pass the brand more international, brand texture more information. GOELIA Gillia every discovery of the world, are a brand new experience; each discovery, will inspire the brand new innovations. Next, GOELIA Gillia will also travel to Europe, Paris, the capital of the five fashion capitals, let us look forward to the discovery of Paris, in the company of GOELIA Gillia to continue the "Global Discovery" journey of love and dreams.

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