Health care mat "famous" more

Nowadays, in the midsummer, summer supplies such as mats are popular. Yesterday, reporters saw some large supermarkets and home textile specialty stores in the urban area. They are exquisitely packaged and have different materials. They even claim to be health care mats that can cure diseases. The price is usually three or four times that of ordinary mats.

Yesterday morning, the reporter visited a number of large supermarkets in the urban area and found that many bamboo mats, rattan seats and linen seats were under the banner of health care. These health care mats have different functions. They promote blood circulation and improve sleep. They have mosquito repellent to protect the skin, relieve rheumatic pain, and even have a pleasant fragrance. The price of health care mats is naturally high. In a supermarket, the same 1.8-meter straw mat is priced at 219 yuan/sheet, while the next two ancient vine mats and linen seats with the word "health" are priced at 388 yuan and 469 yuan. The price of the mat with the health care is mostly 300~600 yuan per piece, while the ordinary mat is generally one to two hundred yuan each, even as low as tens of yuan.

The staff of the industry and commerce department said that the country has not introduced the relevant standards for health care mats. Health care is a concept of business play. It is said to be a health care mat with poor therapeutic effects such as poor sleep quality, memory loss, cold hands and feet, and its health care function in medicine. There is not enough theoretical basis. Even if the surface of the mat contains a pharmaceutical ingredient that is good for the skin, it takes a long time to use, and the number of times the mat is cleaned is more, and the medicine is volatilized. The quality of these health mats is subject to negotiation. Therefore, they advise consumers that as long as the quality of the mat is comfortable, comfortable and suitable for themselves, it is the best, do not be confused by the various health care mats on the market.

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