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[China Glass Network] Promotional activities are an important weapon to enhance the sales of dealers. As the competition becomes more and more fierce, there are more and more promotional activities. The market does not promote, does not sell goods, promotes, and the goods are not sold. More, these situations arise on the one hand because consumers are more and more rational. On the other hand, the consumer market has also changed from a seller's market to a buyer's market. Consumers have more opportunities to choose and the source of customers has been diverted. Customers are constantly being diverted, and if certain details of the promotion are not in place, it will be difficult to satisfy the promotion. Since the time for the promotion to be launched is generally concentrated in a period of time, it is easy to see that there are a lot of people on the day of the event, and many customers are not received, resulting in the loss of customers. This is also the reason many people don't understand. It is clear that the activity is very popular, and there are many target customers, but the effect of the later activities is not satisfactory. Today, the author discusses how to make a quick deal in a promotion.

Since there are a lot of people on the day of the event, and the time to really explain the customer is very short, then in order to contact more customers in a short period of time, the author believes that we must do the following corresponding work:

1, set up simple and easy to remember promotional content

Many brands are very cumbersome when designing promotional content during some group purchases or opening activities. The guide is not easy to grasp, and it is difficult for customers to understand. The dealer thinks that such narrow content is novel. In fact, this will be counterproductive. If the guide is difficult to figure out the promotion content, the efficiency will be discounted when the sales promotion is explained. If you have doubts after you explain it to him, the confidence and determination of the purchase will be affected. Therefore, when designing promotional information, we must take care of the overall situation, and at the same time, make the activity plan easy to understand.

2. Strengthen the training of shopping guide skills

If the shopping guide wants to achieve fast turnover, he needs to master some methods of fast transaction for fast transactions, such as: understanding of customer's purchase motivation, matters needing attention in quick transaction, timing of fast transaction, quick transaction method, etc. The sales skills and methods are good for controlling and mastering customers. Fast-selling sales skills are only one aspect. Of course, the familiarity of the guides to the promotional content is also very important. If the shopping guide is not very skilled in the promotion content, the confidence and confidence of the shopping guide is insufficient in the process of explanation. It gives customers a feeling of not being able to trust, and it is very difficult to reach sales in the end.

3, grasp the customer's ideas

In fact, when customers buy things, they often have a lot of concerns. Because they are unfamiliar with the products and are unfamiliar with the people who recommend them, then in order for customers to immediately deal with them, they must gain the trust of customers and understand the customers. Concerns, through some measures to eliminate customer concerns, customer concerns have been resolved, not far from the deal. Another point is that if customers want to make a decision in so many brands and promotions, it must be that the promotion has reached the customer's expectations, so it is necessary to design the promotion. The strength is not as big as possible. The difference between the promotion is about 10 points. The key is that the packaging of the promotional content makes the customer feel very strong, which is more critical. If it is really touched by the real price concession, the consumer feels very strong, relatively speaking. Such promotions are not a success, because the price is too low, the profits are too thin, the control is not good, and there will be losses. Therefore, the intensity of the activity must be the packaging of the promotional content, the packaging looks very strong, can attract the attention of the customer, plus the professional explanation of the shopping guide, and later sales.

The fast transaction in the sales activity is very important. If the work is not done well, the early advertising, the design of the promotion content, and the promotion of the promotion activities are all done in white. Therefore, we must pay attention to the ability of the site to quickly capture the order in the promotion activities. Everything can promote the work of catching orders, and I believe that the promotion activities will achieve good results.

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