Stream of consciousness to teach you the perfect fashion print with

Colorful print dress is the trend of the heat wave this season, beautiful colors match up and did not imagine the simple. Especially in the choice of color is very difficult to achieve with the perfect body shape with the perfect, a little neglect will give the impression of vulgar. Stream of consciousness fashion women's clothing brand 2012 summer, teach you the perfect match with fashion printing!

ISLIU (Stream of Consciousness) is a brand new casual brand launched by Korea Consciousness Flow International (China) Limited. Inspired by endless creativity from street or international fashion shows. After casual fabric, color, texture, details of the ongoing research and restructuring to create free and casual clothing. As fast fashion has become a mainstream fashion industry, ISLIU introduces this fast-food model to clothing, bringing a whole new look to fashion. The establishment of a sound supply chain system, efficient organization and management, emphasizing the production speed and flexibility, pay attention to the design and ordering flexibility and deployment of ISLIU is the core concept. ISLIU using the domestic professional design concept, from that quarter's product development and research work, the maximum flexibility is ISLIU's core strengths.

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