Strong combination, China Merchants Express love yarn yarn baby joined speed

Recently, Love yarn baby brand lingerie and China Merchants Express together to create a win-win situation, so love yarn baby brand underwear speed, in order to achieve the end of the year to open 300 stores the goal.


It is understood that Love yarn is Love yarn apparel Group, one of the four underwear brand, which combines elegance, fashion, taste, health in one, listed in less than a year, successfully among the top ten Chinese underwear brand list , Become a rising star in China's underwear industry. In order to love yarn baby stronger, bigger, so refined, Love yarn group decided to join hands with China Merchants Express, so love yarn baby's investment even more powerful. Previously, Love yarn group in the expansion of love yarn baby terminal sales has done unremitting efforts in the country established more than 100 outlets, but slightly less in the investment union. In order to speed up Love yarn joined Merchants, Love yarn Group Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer Zou Jifu decided decisively, Love yarn joined the business entrusted to China Merchants Express Express, China Merchants Express will make full use of its superior resources, tailored to love yarn Baby to create a fast, convenient and efficient investment joining platform.

It is understood that China Merchants Express is Guangzhou Qitai Management Co., Ltd. to help enterprises quickly establish a marketing channel of professional marketing agencies, was established in 2009, China Merchants Express to Guangzhou headquarters, in 2010 to set up branches in Beijing, China Merchants Express to help the corporate brand Precisely positioning, through the investment in the implementation process of efficient management of professional teams, key customers in-depth communication, soliciting, accompanied by visits and other links accurate grasp, quickly help customers develop bulk investment target customers and distributors. At present, China Merchants Express has been involved in Love yarn baby investment work.


Love yarn apparel group executive director and director of marketing Zou Jifu told reporters that the love yarn baby investment matters to such professional bodies to do is the most sensible business choice, I believe with the excellent team of China Merchants Express operation, we will receive the expected Effect. In addition, the biggest feature of China Merchants Express is to pay for the effect, there is no effect without charges, and enterprises do not need to take any risks.

Love yarn Group and China Merchants Express cooperation between the two sides will effectively expand the love yarn baby's sales territory and brand awareness to attract more investors concerned about Love yarn baby brand underwear in order to enhance the love yarn baby to join the speed and expand sales territory so that enterprises In the fierce competition in the larger cake; the same time, China Merchants Express through the love for the baby to provide investment services to join, you can also enhance their brand marketing planning capabilities, so that their wings more plump.

We have reason to believe that with the operation of China Merchants Express team of professionals, Love yarn baby will become the real future king of underwear market, a popular underwear brand, away from the adjustment of underwear brand aircraft carrier wishful thinking is almost late.

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