Bar la la elegant dress shaping the summer goddess of beauty

Beautiful long skirts have always been one of the theme of spring and summer popular elements, and printing one-piece dress ankle, lotus leaf wide side, perspective elegant chiffon fabric or unique high waist line design, all You can make you a beautiful goddess! Bar la la ladies fashion is committed to the use of music interpretation of romantic elegance, spring and summer of 2012, the unique dress is a singular highlight, followed by Xiaobian to appreciate the bar la la dress, to feel the summer romance and Beautiful!


Unique high-waist design, revealing charming appearance, chest pleated from the full personality blanket, elegant and not complicated, coupled with refined long-chain more adorable temperament, thin fabric in the summer breeze breezes , Show all kinds of customs.

芭啦啦优雅长裙 塑造夏日里的唯美女神

The overall wave print with a fold skirt, suddenly make the eye feel full of three-dimensional sense of self-cultivation cut, simple and elegant design style, highlighting the elegant and classic, just feel free to mix a little accessories can be generous out of the street!

芭啦啦优雅长裙 塑造夏日里的唯美女神

A white dress has always been the focus of the summer, high waist design not only lengthened sight, but also make the lower body appears slender, lace and light veil sketched out layers of folds stacked a woman inadvertently charming, a small MM can Try it!

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