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Founded in 1983 and located in Putian, Fujian Province, Tetsuya Garments Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive clothing company integrating research and development, design, production and sales. Its products include shirts, suits, jackets, T-shirts, Casual pants and other series, provinces and cities in the country (autonomous regions) has more than 2,000 stores. Over the years, the genius has taken 5,000 years of Chinese culture and culture as its foundation, developed its brand with Chinese characteristics with international thinking, and has created a distinctive brand of "product culture." With forward-looking thinking, talent people continue to achieve breakthrough business development. The introduction of international elite designer force, to strengthen the research and development of high-end products; Film Tony Leung's continued endorsement, deepen the brand image; and CCTV reached a long-term strategic partnership, based on CCTV accurate dissemination, occupying the minds of consumers; for Netease, Sohu and other Internet communications. At the same time, the international well-known brand planning company to join, a comprehensive display of brand image of international and product quality.

Pendants are generally a special shape of the main body, and then connected with rope or metal chain, especially to meet Europeans and Americans! However, the metal is hard. If the process is not good, it is easy to hurt the neck, so you should pay special attention when purchasing.

Small Leather Goods

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