Mark Fairwhale three fashion men's spring and summer 2012 new release

Mark Fairwhale launches 2012 spring / summer new fashion men's clothing from the flagship "fun I make" young brand - FairwhaleSHAKE to mature, restrained "new gentleman" men's brand - Mark Fairwhale, Mark Fairwhale (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Spring and summer 2012 The full range of men's new products are now fully released. Chelsea boots, Block pattern, coarse knit sweater These are the most eye-catching Fashion Week Fashion elements into the Mark Fairwha three fashion men's brand, modern, introverted became the 2012 Spring and Summer Mark Fairwhale international fashion men's key words; College wind, England is the children of the spring and summer 2012 Mark Fairwhale Jeans men's style; fun, playful is highlighting the Harvard-style 2012 spring and summer fashion style of the second generation of the term, Mark Fairwhale designers spend on these fashion style As much time as possible to consider the design details, the branding more spiritual. Mark Fairwhale Mark Fairwhale International Men's Fashion Spring / Summer 2012 - Havana Harbor (Night of Havana Harbor) If you lived in Paris as a young man, then Paris will be with you forever. If you use cigars to discover Havana, then you can also use a magnificent lighting a male full of midlife. In 1921, Hemingway came to Paris as a foreign journalist with newlyweds, filling such a passion with a thriving youth in a "floating feast." If this is only the beginning of a young man's life, then until 1959, he left Cuba Havana for the last time, leaving this introverted and deep city temperament, a man has experienced the ultimate in life and brilliant baptism. Spring and summer of 2012, Mark Fairwhale Mark Fairwhale international men's fashion havana night port as the theme, the song of the years of mature men give a new fashion expression. Havana mixed with fresh soil and the smell after the revolution into a new male charm. This season Mark Fairwhale Mark Fairwhale international fashion men's clothing, a highlight of the Cuban elements for the design, interspersed with maritime blue sea style, showing a tough and powerful male side, and a symbol of Coy Goya Melia hotel walls bright yellow , Senior cigar fragrance mood highlights the other side of mature men with romantic feelings and charm. Mark Fairwhale Mark Fairwhale International Men's Fashion Challenges the Flavor of Life with the Flavor and Visual Impact The most vigorous memory of the middle of the journey will use nostalgia, the light of the night harbor in Havana, and the need to define a life in the night harbor and China Light The rise of the fashion kingdom. Fairwhale Jeans Mark Fairwhale Jeans menswear 2012 spring and summer - to point ideas (be inspired) Mark Fairwhale three fashion men's clothing 2012 spring and summer new release 2012, maybe we will bid farewell to depression, just as there is the end of the world, there will be an unprecedented carnival before the end of the day . Young life will not give up to express their own voice, Kerouac has been on the road, clockwork orange rivets Pirates of the station will also broadcast the 2012 Carnival musical notes. This is a wonderful moment to close your eyes for meditation. The magical show of the New World will appear before our eyes. Even though the reality remains the same, inspiration is unprecedented. Spring / Summer 2012, Fairwhale Jeans for Men Mark Fairwhale Jeans Men's fashion style inspired by the stage, your idea will be this year's carnival password. Fairwhale Jeans for Men Mark Fairwhale Jeans menswear will be rich and active fashion elements woven outbreak of the theme of inspiration, from the 1960s and 1970s classic and full of literary American campus, retro but has become the trendsetter of the British garden party, from fresh The simplicity and sophistication of the Maritime Academy, outdoor adventurers, colleges and adventures through the jungle will be a highlight of the season. In the vibrant, extraordinarily spring-summer season, joining the inspirational Fairwhale Jeans for Men Mark Fairwhale JEANS Men's Wear may bring a difference to your life. Mark Fairwhale three fashion men's 2012 spring and summer new releases Fairwhale SHAKE Fairfield style 2012 spring and summer - fun I make (never ending fun) eager to burn the world is full of friendship, passionate but I want to control life, with the wisdom of youth Open a door of freedom, with the most independent thinking and way to build an ideal country, there is no magic yet. With the soul to feel the joy of life, romantic bit by bit touched, young life full of power, fun everywhere. Mark Fairwhale three fashion men's clothing 2012 spring and summer new release 2012 spring and summer, Fairwhale SHAKE prefer to look for fun from the clothing mix and match, humorous relaxation and color block strong images and fashion point of view, the freshest design elements and accessories style, to maintain the classic Unconventional, retain layout and easy to diversify. Whether it's the classic college feel of a cotton cardigan and plaid shirt, the bold style cutout of a scientifically-engineered fabric or the glamorous trendsetting urban trends of the timeless and stylish denim trick, Fairwhale SHAKE uses mashups as the most casual The eclectic style, highlighting the desire for self without losing the affinity of the sense of dress, his main "youth" lifestyle, has been given a richer meaning. He not only makes the brand, but also creates a dynamic and fun lifestyle, conveying the spiritual power of changing and creating fun. In the courageous, fearless challenge, enjoy the fun world, showing the most "real, young, interesting" self. In the seemingly ordinary Provins, contains a variety of choices and style of fun. We make fun, fun should belong to more people.

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