Jiexiu interpretation of "New York fashion personality charm" of the women's fashion

JECCIFIVE ( Jessica ) is the flagship brand of Guangzhou Moda Fashion Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hong Kong Morpheus International Group Co., Ltd. It is a fashionable women's clothing that leads the international trend and interprets "New York Fashion and Personal Charm".


CIFIVE's creative inspiration comes from NEWYORK most social creativity of the social middle class dynamic, fashion, vitality personality traits, in the design concept of "New York fashion personality charm" as the guide, import simple and natural NEWYORK popular elements, Not only shows the oriental women's health, the rate of personality style, but also to create a consumer experience of emotional experience, all traditional, New York fashion respect and passion for the future are integrated into a fashion industry Great ideal, thus establishing a kingdom of fashion brand.


Personality claims: fashion, modern, personalized, is the belief is the spirit, but also from the vitality of NEWYORK characterization to meet the urban fashion consumer demand, advocating a new concept of fashion life.

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