Miss wonderful Miss brand children's clothing products are fine pieces

Qingdao Wonderful Cartoon Products Co., Ltd is a comprehensive company that specializes in producing and researching cartoon derivatives. The company has established a strong R & D department and has developed more cartoon images and cartoons whose cartoon derivatives include Clothing, shoes and hats, bags, stationery, dolls, home accessories and so on. The company has a management science, ideological awareness of leading, energetic young people management team, members of the company have a wealth of cartoon product design and production experience. The company's products are divided into foreign imports and domestic production of two parts. Foreign imports mainly come from Britain, France, the United States and so on. Wonderful cartoon products are environmentally friendly fabrics, close to the European fashion trends, with the domestic fashion elements Seiko design, production processes using sophisticated management mode, each needle has a strict line of technology standards to ensure that our product pieces are fine . Qingdao wonderful cartoon company acquired through the international copyright acquisition of the British CHORION company MMLM brand animation products in China related to the R & D production and animation derivatives market operations, while the British MARVEL MARVELLAND company's brand clothing, shoes, hats, bags Sacks and Other areas of China's authorization. MMLM brand in the United Kingdom with 40 years of history, Mr.Men & LittleMiss by the British writer RogerHargreaves in 1971 created a series of cartoon image of entertainment education, the world has sold 100 million books, the author RogerHargreaves in the UK was listed as the first three The best-selling top-selling writer, MMLM cartoon well-known, won the children's favorite. Its brand derivatives throughout Britain, the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Latin America, Australia, Romania and more than 20 countries. Qingdao wonderful cartoon company to bring the brand for the first time to enter China, hoping to MMLM brand in the international visibility quickly carry out the company's business in Greater China, in order to further enter the Chinese animation industry a good first step.

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